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Is Cable TV Going to Die?

Aug 15

The subject I continue to hear about is that people are getting rid of cable TV. I am curious why there is such a rush to get rid of cable TV in the home. I do get that we are all looking for ways to cut costs and save money, but I guess the TV lover in me would rather find other ways to save besides eliminating the convenience of entertainment at my fingertips.

Now, I do understand that with advancements in technology you can access a lot of programming from Netflix, Apple TV, and Hulu, to name a few. You can also log on and watch your favorite show on-line. After the DVR has trained us that we can watch television when we want, it does make sense to me that we can access our shows when we want from alternate sources. With that being said, maybe it’s just me but the utter frustration of loading and buffering, and that frustrating spinning circle while I am watching a show, kills the entire idea for me. Of course, the argument could be made that maybe my home internet just isn’t strong enough to truly enjoy this new way of watching TV. This is just the obvious argument for keeping your in-home cable TV provider versus dropping for all of the on-line potentials. I have actually used all of the above mentioned products and really have enjoyed access to some of my favorite programming, especially when I have been traveling or away from the safety of my cable TV. I just personally see these products as back up.

I know the real reason the cable TV will never die in my household, and that is College Football. Yes, it really goes for all sports in general, but most importantly to me would be college football. I don’t ever envision the time when I would choose to watch one of the most exciting sports either from my laptop or a connection from my laptop to my television. I enjoy the entire experience – the ticker at the bottom of the screen on ESPN, the break-ins from the sports networks about other games, and even the commercials.

I think sports in general will keep cable TV alive and strong for a long time. This type of premium programming will deliver a captive and hard to reach audience of customers, making it more and more valuable to the advertising community.

I am sure there will be a day when I eat my words, but I am going to need some major advances in technology or at least some really good season tickets to my favorite college football teams before that happens!

Jenni Halamuda

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